Saturday, January 12, 2013

  • Wood Block on an Etching Press For some time I have been registering a multiple block using an old picture 
    frame - the block would rest inside the left hand corner and the paper edge li...
    14 hours ago
  • Holy Printpaper, Batman! Yes, this is the start of a new print. Yes, that's a yardstick next to the block/paper in 
    the jig. Yes, the paper is longer than the yardstick. (The lino b...
    14 hours ago
  • The minutes are swiftly ticking away at this new year! My sewing machine is in for repair. My BMQG 
    Challenge, using Michael Miller's new Madronna Road ...
    18 hours ago
  • A Stone [image: Stone] Two more applications of watered-down sumi ink give the stone a realistic look. Now on to the 
    background. Copyright Woodblock Dreams blog
    18 hours ago
  • Description of the Commonwealth Theater Project Right before the holidays rolled around one of the galleries that 
    represents my work asked me if I'd be interested in a new project. Every year the Commonwea...
    3 days ago

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