Tuesday, February 12, 2013

  • Steamroller Printing at the Woodson Art Museum! *That's the Woodson Art Museum's brand-new addition
     on the left.* *It was SO new I think the paint was still wet when we arrived. ;-)* File this post under "...
    2 hours ago
  • Fox Moon at 500 Discussing how long the woodblocks will last ...
    15 hours ago
  • Journal Memory Book I'm going to be teaching a book class at Creative Framing & The Art Box 
    in Crozet, VA. We'll be doing a photo album of sorts I call a *Journal Memory Bo...
    16 hours ago
  • So-Called Hate Crimes [image: NamesCarved] You might have heard that New England had a blizzard this past weekend. 
    Sometimes I get a lot of artwork done on a snow day, but in th...
    19 hours ago
  • HAZE XXL As someone who is devoted to printmaking as much as I am to music. I find that a lot of the people who 
    inspire me don’t necessarily come from the standard ...
    19 hours ago

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  1. hello i just started a blog FORMSCHNIDER CENTER. just my ranting and when i can get the thing to take uploaded pics i will show my art work. how do i get it listed in here?

    john center