Thursday, February 14, 2013

  • MAILING MY YOT SNAKE CARD I finished my Year of the Snake card this week and put it in the mail. They are 
    slithering their way all over the globe, hopefully there's one on it's way...
    6 minutes ago
  • Fall's Flamin' Foliage Autumnal Glory: State #3It might look like the inside of Hell's furnace, but the print so 
    far has been nothing but heaven. The red went down over the orang...
    4 hours ago
  • Heart for the Arts I'm currently working on a mixed media encaustic triptych for a local charity 
    auction... See the Wiki on Encaustic for more information on the medium. Fi...
    9 hours ago
  • Winds of change... Long time no post! Seems sometimes in my life I just shake things up just to see 
    what happens. Not that I have that much time in my hands, I just have to ju...
    23 hours ago

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