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  • Pass five done! I am struggling now. Almost had to recarve this one because it just wasn't registering right, 
    but I played with it until it worked for me.
    16 hours ago
  • For My Students - Image Prep for Mokuhanga I’m putting this post together for my upcoming Woodblock 
    Class at Zea Mays Printmaking (Feb. 23-24, 2013) but by all means read it if it interests you. In ...
    17 hours ago
  • Back In The Woods! The first new print for 2013 is well under way. This is color number 3 (Sorryfor the bad 
    camera phone picture). So far untitled, this will be a "canned ha...
    1 day ago

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

  • I'm happy to say printing has begun for the Southern Summer/Northern Winter Solstice Print Exchange for 
    2013! ** The theme this time is: Dreams/Fantasie...
    23 hours ago
  • Fieldwork Fishday Fish sketch on Friday? Why not? Parrot cichlid and flag-tailed prochilodus, in case 
    you're wondering. Guess which one's the flag-tail. I was in Denver ye...
    1 day ago
  • January Sale I have put on heaps of prints on Ebay this month. Trying to make some room for up coming 
    works. I dont usually put so much on the auction site like this, s...
    2 days ago
  • Millstone - Final Print MILLSTONE Japanese-method woodblock (moku hanga) 
    Image size: 10.25" x 17" (26 x 43 cm) Paper size: 12.5" x 19" (63.5 x 98 cm) Paper: Nishinouchi Made with ...
    3 days ago

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Holding Onto An Unknown World – Artist Book No.5 So I’ve been hinting through facebook and updating the site here over 
    the past few days (check out the new Artist Book page in the top right corner) about...
    12 hours ago
  • I coaxed my old Singer back into service! Where there's a will there's a way! Although I'm not much of a 
    seamstress, I'm forcing myself to learn and I mus...
    18 hours ago
  • SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2013 I joined the Sketchbook Project 2013 since I had such a good time with 
    the last one. Of course, the due date is tomorrow. So, I'm just under the wire. I ...
    1 day ago
  • Printmaking as Contact Sport It's too bad that the back of my neck and fingers of my right hand are probably 
    the only parts of my body that don't really need a workout, because they're...
    2 days ago

Saturday, January 12, 2013

  • Wood Block on an Etching Press For some time I have been registering a multiple block using an old picture 
    frame - the block would rest inside the left hand corner and the paper edge li...
    14 hours ago
  • Holy Printpaper, Batman! Yes, this is the start of a new print. Yes, that's a yardstick next to the block/paper in 
    the jig. Yes, the paper is longer than the yardstick. (The lino b...
    14 hours ago
  • The minutes are swiftly ticking away at this new year! My sewing machine is in for repair. My BMQG 
    Challenge, using Michael Miller's new Madronna Road ...
    18 hours ago
  • A Stone [image: Stone] Two more applications of watered-down sumi ink give the stone a realistic look. Now on to the 
    background. Copyright Woodblock Dreams blog
    18 hours ago
  • Description of the Commonwealth Theater Project Right before the holidays rolled around one of the galleries that 
    represents my work asked me if I'd be interested in a new project. Every year the Commonwea...
    3 days ago

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